Afraid App Reviews

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Pretty Neat!

Not bad, Id like it more though if the sounds were more scary, but its pretty cool!

Sweet scare

Love it I own all the Halloween apps and this one is up there Great sound Boo and scares to you

Good app!

The sounds are better than most. They are a bit scarier.

Great Icon

Love the icon! If you like this you should also check out Effector which is a remote control sound machine that lets you upload your own sounds. Have fun!

Its good

Its good scary but its really loud!

Very good!!

Loud and clear the way it should be.. Good job!


This app met all of the highest qualities! loudness, scarieness, and realness. if u are lookin for an app to sare ur friends or just an app for sfx for scary stories this is the perfect app for ALL of ur scaring need.

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